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stream US English

A small, narrow river

on stream in stream US English

In or into operation or existence; available

on-stream US English

In or into industrial production or useful operation

on stream US English

In or into operation or existence; available

Gulf Stream US English

A warm ocean current that flows from the Gulf of Mexico parallel with the US coast toward Newfoundland, Canada, and then continues across the Atlantic Ocean toward northwestern Europe as the North Atlantic Drift

jet stream US English

A narrow, variable band of very strong, predominantly westerly air currents encircling the globe several miles above the earth. There are typically two or three jet streams in each of the northern and southern hemispheres

star stream US English

A systematic drift of stars in the same general direction within a galaxy

live-stream US English

Transmit or receive live video and audio coverage of (an event) over the Internet

Carol Stream US English

A village in northeastern Illinois, west of Chicago; population 40,004 (est. 2008)

Valley Stream US English

An industrial and commercial village in west central Long Island, southeast of New York; population 36,007 (est. 2008)

misfit stream US English

A stream occupying a valley which is larger than would be predicted on the basis of the stream’s present erosive power

against the stream in stream US English

Against (or with) the prevailing view or tendency

against the stream US English

Against (or with) the prevailing view or tendency

transpiration stream US English

The flow of water through a plant, from the roots to the leaves, via the xylem vessels

be streaming in stream US English

(Of a person or part of the body) produce a continuous flow of liquid; run with liquid

stream of consciousness US English

A person’s thoughts and conscious reactions to events, perceived as a continuous flow. The term was introduced by William James in his Principles of Psychology (1890)

bitstream US English

A stream of data in binary form

airstream US English

A current of air

midstream US English

The middle of a stream or river

clickstream US English

A series of mouse clicks made while using a website or in linking to multiple websites

millstream US English

The current of water in a millrace

stream US Thesaurus

a mountain stream

stream English-Spanish

arroyo m, riachuelo m

jet stream English-Spanish

corriente f en chorro, jet stream

Gulf Stream English-Spanish

the Gulf Stream

stream of consciousness English-Spanish

monólogo, corriente f del pensamiento

the Gulf Stream in Gulf Stream English-Spanish

la corriente del Golfo

a stream of abuse in abuse English-Spanish

una sarta de insultos

to be/come on stream in stream English-Spanish

estar*/entrar en funcionamiento

to go against the stream in stream English-Spanish

ir* contra la corriente, ir* a contracorriente

she stood astride the stream in astride English-Spanish

estaba con un pie a cada lado del arroyuelo

the stream glimmers in the moonlight in glimmer English-Spanish

la luz de la luna cabrillea en el arroyo

he took a flier across the stream in flier English-Spanish

tomó impulso y saltó el arroyo

peeling onions makes my eyes stream in stream English-Spanish

cuando pelo cebollas me lloran los ojos

they had to wade across a stream in wade English-Spanish

tuvieron que vadear un arroyo

a stream of sunlight entered the room in stream English-Spanish

el sol entró a raudales en la habitación

there is a continuous stream of traffic in stream English-Spanish

pasan vehículos continuamente, el tráfico es ininterrumpido

the stream wanders through wooded valleys in wander English-Spanish

el riachuelo serpentea por entre valles poblados de árboles

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