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streaming US English

A method of transmitting or receiving data (especially video and audio material) over a computer network as a steady, continuous flow, allowing playback to proceed while subsequent data is being received

stream US English

(Of liquid) run or flow in a continuous current in a specified direction

free streaming US English

Unimpeded flow; (in fluid dynamics) inertial flow of a fluid unaffected by any obstruction or bounding surface; (in cosmology) the motion of particles which do not collide with each other or interact except gravitationally, and are therefore able to smooth out large-scale density inhomogeneities by moving unimpeded from overdense regions to underdense ones.

re-stream US English

To stream back or again.

live-stream US English

Transmit or receive live video and audio coverage of (an event) over the Internet

be streaming in stream US English

(Of a person or part of the body) produce a continuous flow of liquid; run with liquid