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table US English

A piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, providing a level surface on which objects may be placed, and that can be used for such purposes as eating, writing, working, or playing games

under the counter US English

(With reference to goods bought or sold) surreptitiously and typically illegally

from farm to fork US English

Used to refer to the various processes in the food chain from agricultural production to consumption

table US Thesaurus

put the plates on the table

log table US English

A table of mathematical logarithms

loo table US English

A circular table for playing the card game loo on, or a table made in a similar style

pin table US English

A pinball machine.

at table US English

Seated at a table eating a meal

table bed US English

A bed in the shape of a table.

table cut US English

The style of cutting a precious stone with a large flat upper surface surrounded by small facets.

table-cut US English

Of a diamond or other precious stone: cut with a large flat upper surface surrounded by small facets.

table-hop US English

To move around from table to table in a restaurant, nightclub, etc., greeting friends and socializing.

table mat US English

A small mat used for protecting the surface of a table from hot dishes

table pew US English

A large pew containing the communion table, especially in a Presbyterian church.

table saw US English

A circular saw mounted under a table or bench so that the blade projects up through a slot

table set US English

A set of matching plates, cups, bowls, etc., sometimes also including cutlery.

top table US English

The table at which the chief guests are placed at a formal dinner

altar table US English

A table that is or forms an altar; an altar or altar slab.

bench table US English

A low stone seat on the inside of a wall or round the base of a pillar in a church, cloister, or other religious building

bird table US English

A small platform or table in a garden on which food for birds is placed

camp table US English

A table of the type used in a camp, now typically a lightweight portable folding table.

card table US English

A square table for playing cards on, typically having legs that fold flat for storage

cold table US English

A selection of dishes of cold food in a restaurant or at a formal meal

earth table US English

= plinth course.

first table US English

The first part of the Ten Commandments, relating to religious duties (thought to have occupied the first of the two stone tablets of Moses).

green table US English

A table covered with green cloth and used for board meetings, negotiations, etc.; (hence) one of the boards of Covenanters who ruled Scotland 1638–41 (now historical).

high table US English

A table in a dining hall, typically on a platform, for the most important people, such as the fellows of a college

life table US English

A table of statistics relating to life expectancy and mortality for a given category of people

light table US English

A horizontal or tilted surface of translucent glass or plastic with a light behind it, used as a light box for drawing or viewing transparencies or negatives

merit table US English

A table or chart on which people, teams, etc., are ranked according to merit.

monk's table US English

A convertible wooden seat, the back of which is hinged to swing over and rest horizontally on the arms, thus forming a table.

open table US English

= open house.

pence table US English

An arithmetical table formerly used for converting a given number of pence into shillings or pounds.

pier table US English

A low table or bracket in the space between two windows, typically placed under a pier glass

plain table US English

= plane table.

plane table US English

A surveying instrument used for direct plotting in the field, with a drawing board and pivoted alidade

press table US English

A table reserved for journalists.

prop table US English

A table offstage on which properties are kept in readiness for use.

rent table US English

A circular or octagonal office table of a kind made in the 18th century

rice table US English

= rijsttafel.

Round Table US English

The table at which King Arthur and his knights sat so that none should have precedence. It was first mentioned in 1155

Rudd's table US English

An elaborately fitted woman's dressing table of the late eighteenth cent., characterized especially by having at both sides a pivotable mirror which folds out from a drawer at the front.

sand table US English

A relief model in sand used to explain military tactics and plan campaigns

side table US English

A table placed at the side of a room or apart from the main table

steam table US English

(In a cafeteria or restaurant) a table with slots to hold food containers that are kept hot by steam circulating beneath them

table anvil US English

A small anvil that can be screwed on to a table.

table bell US English

A small handbell placed upon the table for summoning attendants.

table-board US English

A board forming the top of a table.

table-chair US English

A chair which can be converted into a table.

table clamp US English

A clamp for fastening something to a table.

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