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tern1 US English

A seabird related to the gulls, typically smaller and more slender, with long pointed wings and a forked tail

tern2 US English

A set of three, especially three lottery numbers that when drawn together win a large prize

Arctic tern US English

A red-billed tern that breeds in the Arctic and adjacent areas, migrating to Antarctic regions for the winter

fairy tern US English

A small white tropical tern that lays its single egg on a narrow ledge or on the bare branch of a tree. When it flies against a bright sky, the wings appear somewhat translucent, allowing the bone structure to be seen

sooty tern US English

A large oceanic tern that is blackish above and white below, and breeds throughout the tropical oceans

sandwich tern US English

A large crested tern found in both Europe and North and South America

sooty tern in sooty US English

Used in names of birds and other animals that are mainly blackish or brownish black, e.g., sooty tern

roseate tern in roseate US English

Used in names of birds with partly pink plumage, e.g., roseate tern, roseate spoonbill