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the US English

Denoting one or more people or things already mentioned or assumed to be common knowledge

in aggregate US English

In total; as a whole

bang for one's buck US English

Value for money; performance for cost

below ground US English

Beneath the surface of the ground

out of a clear blue sky US English

As a complete surprise

cut a rug US English

Dance, typically in an energetic or accomplished way

pushing up daisies US English

Dead and buried

all in a day's work US English

(Of something unusual or difficult) accepted as part of someone’s normal routine or as a matter of course

a deuce of a —— US English

Used to emphasize how bad, difficult, or serious something is

drop a dime on someone US English

Inform on someone

dead as a dodo US English

Dead (used for emphasis)

on one's doorstep US English

Situated very close by

drop a dime on US English

Inform on (someone) to the police

first among equals US English

The person or thing having the highest status in a group

give someone evils US English

Glare at someone

get a feel for US English

Familiarize oneself with

the fullness of one's heart US English

Overwhelming emotion

one's last gasp US English

The point of exhaustion, death, or completion

a grand old man of US English

A man long and highly respected in (a particular field)

take a hint US English

Understand and act on a hint

go whole hog US English

Do something completely or thoroughly

lay a ghost US English

Exorcise a ghost

not have legs US English

(Of a ball, especially in golf) not have sufficient momentum to reach the desired point

keep a lid on US English

Keep (an emotion or process) from going out of control

put a lid on US English

Put a stop to or be the culmination of

in light of US English

Drawing knowledge or information from; taking (something) into consideration

be living proof that US English

Show by one’s existence and qualities that something is the case

lose one's way US English

Become lost; fail to reach one’s destination

at a minimum US English

At the very least

at most US English

Not more than

a parting of the ways US English

A point at which two people must separate or at which a decision must be taken

the pit of one's stomach US English

An ill-defined region of the lower abdomen regarded as the seat of strong feelings, especially anxiety

someone's best plan US English

A person’s (or the) most sensible course of action

press flesh US English

(Of a celebrity or politician) greet people by shaking hands

cut a ribbon US English

Perform an opening ceremony, typically by formally cutting a ribbon across the entrance to somewhere

same to you! US English

May you do or have the same thing (a response to a greeting or insult)

keep score US English

Register the score of a game as it proceeds

settle a score US English

Take revenge on someone for a past act

that ship has sailed US English

Used in reference to an opportunity that has passed or a situation that can no longer be changed

raise one's standard US English

Take up arms; oppose

put a stopper on US English

Prevent from happening or continuing

on television US English

Being broadcast by television; appearing in a television program

a world of US English

A very great deal of

the one US English

A person’s destined life partner

to the bone US English

(Of a wound) so deep as to expose a person’s bone

to the core US English

To the depths of one’s being

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