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theft US English

The action or crime of stealing

identity theft US English

The fraudulent acquisition and use of a person’s private identifying information, usually for financial gain

theft US Thesaurus

the theft was reported on Thursday morning

theft English-Spanish

robo m

identity theft English-Spanish

robo m de identidad

she's in for theft in in English-Spanish

está en la cárcel por robo

it's insured against theft in against English-Spanish

está asegurado contra robo

she was jailed for theft in jail English-Spanish

la metieron presa por robo

a guard against error/theft/infection in guard English-Spanish

una protección contra los errores/el robo/las infecciones

theft is on the increase in theft English-Spanish

el número de robos está aumentando

it's his second prosecution for theft in prosecution English-Spanish

es la segunda vez que lo procesan por robo

they blamed the theft on a young apprentice in blame English-Spanish

culparon del robo a un joven aprendiz

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