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they US English

Used to refer to two or more people or things previously mentioned or easily identified

they'd US English

They had

they'll US English

They shall; they will

they're US English

They are

they've US English

They have

they say US English

It is rumored

as —— as they come US English

Used to describe someone or something that is a supreme example of the quality specified

murder one US English

First-degree (or second-degree) murder

all one knows US English

Used to emphasize the limited nature of one’s knowledge concerning something

lay about one US English

Strike out wildly on all sides

one could use in use US English

One would like or benefit from

ninety-day wonder US English

Something that attracts enthusiastic interest for a short while but is then ignored or forgotten

ninety-day or thirty-day wonder in ninety-day wonder US English

A person who has had intensive military training for the specified time

they say in say US English

It is rumored

agitate US English

Campaign to arouse public concern about an issue in the hope of prompting action

as best one can US English

As effectively as possible under the circumstances

have it in one US English

Have the capacity or potential (to do something)

if it kills one US English

Whatever the problems or difficulties involved

such as it is US English

What little there is; for what it’s worth

kick someone when they are down US English

Cause further misfortune to someone who is already in a difficult situation

adept US English

A person who is skilled or proficient at something

before one knows where one is US English

With baffling speed

put something behind one US English

Get over a bad experience by distancing oneself from it

murder one in murder US English

First-degree (or second-degree) murder

be written all over one US English

Used to convey that the presence of a particular quality or feeling is clearly revealed by a person’s expression

know what one is about US English

Be aware of the implications of one’s actions or of a situation, and of how best to deal with them

have it coming US English

Be due for retribution on account of something bad that one has done

as the fancy takes one US English

According to one’s inclination

have —— going for one US English

Used to indicate how much someone has in their favor or to their advantage

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