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tile US English

A thin rectangular slab of baked clay, concrete, or other material, used in overlapping rows for covering roofs

Dutch tile US English

A kind of glazed white tile painted with traditional Dutch motifs in blue or brown

plain tile US English

A kind of flat tile used in roofing

quarry tile US English

An unglazed floor tile, typically of a reddish-brown color

ridge tile US English

A semicircular or curved tile used in making a roof ridge

weather tile US English

Each of a series of overlapping tiles used to cover a wall

Penrose tile US English

Any of a finite number of shapes that are components of a spatially non-periodic two- or three-dimensional tiling

retile US English

Tile (a room or surface) again

tile English-Spanish

baldosa f, losa f

position tile and press firmly in press English-Spanish

coloque el azulejo y presione