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title US English

The name of a book, composition, or other artistic work

title US Thesaurus

the title of the work

title bar US English

A horizontal bar at the top of a window, bearing the name of the program and typically the name of the currently active document

half title US English

The title of a book, printed on the right-hand page before the title page

Maori title US English

The legal right of Maori people to the possession of certain land, as enshrined in the second article of the Treaty of Waitangi

reign title US English

= reign name.

short title US English

An abbreviated form of a title of a book or document

title deed US English

A legal deed or document constituting evidence of a right, especially to ownership of property

title music US English

Music played during the credits at the beginning or end of a television programme or film

title page US English

A page at the beginning of a book giving its title, the names of the author and publisher, and other publication information

title role US English

The part in a play, movie, television show, etc., from which the work’s title is taken

banner title US English

A book title in large type.

Indian title US English

A title to land acquired from the original North American Indian occupants.

native title US English

The right of indigenous peoples to own their traditional lands and waters, as recognized by common law

partial title US English

An incomplete or abbreviated form of a book's full title.

passive title US English

The legal position or right of an heir or executor who comes to be held liable for the debts of a dead person after having accepted his or her property.

strata title US English

The registered ownership of layers of air space (rather than ground area) in a multistorey building

working title US English

A temporary or provisional title given to a film, book, or other product or project.

absolute title US English

Guaranteed title to the ownership of a property or lease

courtesy title US English

A title given to someone, especially the son or daughter of a peer, that has no legal validity

abstract of title US English

A summary giving details of the title deeds and documents that prove an owner’s right to dispose of land, together with any encumbrances that relate to the property

retitle US English

Give a different title to

subtitle US English

A subordinate title of a published work or article giving additional information about its content

credits in credit US English

An acknowledgment of a contributor’s services to a movie or a television program, typically one of a list that is scrolled down the screen at the beginning or end of a movie or program

titleholder US English

A person who holds a title, especially a sports champion

title holder in titleholder US English

A person who holds a title, especially a sports champion