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tri- US English

Three; having three

tri-D US English

= tri-dimensional; with capital initial, a trademark in the U.S. for a range of computer equipment.

tri-axle US English

A trailer or articulated lorry with three axles

tri-band US English

(Of a mobile phone) having three frequencies, enabling it to be used in different regions (typically Europe and the US)

tricorn US English

(Of a hat) having a brim turned up on three sides

trifold US English

Triple; threefold

trimix US English

A breathing mixture for deep-sea divers, composed of nitrogen, helium, and oxygen

triaxial US English

Having or relating to three axes, especially in mechanical or astronomical contexts

trifocal US English

(Of a pair of glasses) having lenses with three parts with different focal lengths

triplane US English

An early type of airplane with three pairs of wings, one above the other

tricameral US English

Of or relating to the parliamentary system operating in South Africa between 1983 and 1994, in which the legislature consisted of three ethnically based houses

trilinear US English

Of or having three lines

trilingual US English

(Of a person) speaking three languages fluently

tripeptide US English

Any of a group of peptides containing three amino-acid residues in the molecule

tricentenary US English

Another term for tricentennial.

triiodothyronine US English

A thyroid hormone similar to thyroxine but having greater potency