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tubercle US English

A small rounded projection or protuberance, especially on a bone or on the surface of an animal or plant

root tubercle US English

= root nodule.

genial tubercle US English

Either of a pair of small bony prominences that are located one above the other on the posterior surface of the body of the mandible, on each side of the mandibular symphysis, and from which the genioglossal and geniohyoid muscles originate.

optic tubercle US English

Each of the four optic lobes of a mammal.

Darwinian tubercle US English

= Darwin's tubercle.

miliary tubercle US English

Any of the small greyish- or yellowish-white granulomatous nodules found in the lungs and other tissues in generalized tuberculosis.

pterygoid tubercle US English

A protuberance on the inner surface of the mandible, near the angle, to which the medial pterygoid muscle is attached.

tubercle bacillus US English

A bacterium that causes tuberculosis

tubercle bacterium US English

= tubercle bacillus.

tubercle-infected US English

Infected with tubercle bacilli.

Montgomery's tubercle US English

Each of the small rounded projections formed by the areolar glandular structures, especially when enlarged during pregnancy.