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two US English

Equivalent to the sum of one and one; one less than three; 2

half past one US English

Thirty minutes after one (two, etc.) o’clock

murder one US English

First-degree (or second-degree) murder

stand on one's own feet US English

Be or become self-reliant or independent

ii in two US English

Equivalent to the sum of one and one; one less than three; 2

two US Thesaurus

the last two on the dance floor will win the grand prize

in two US English

In or into two halves or pieces

two-up US English

(In Australia and New Zealand) a gambling game in which two coins are tossed in the air and bets are laid as to whether both will fall heads or tails uppermost

one-two US English

A pair of punches in quick succession, especially with alternate hands

two-bit US English

Insignificant, cheap, or worthless

two-ply US English

(Of a material or yarn) consisting of two layers or strands

two-way US English

Allowing or involving movement or communication in opposite directions

plus two US English

In plural Men's knickerbockers of a style similar to plus fours, but a little less full at the knee.

two-cycle US English

Another term for two-stroke.

two-door US English

(Of a vehicle) having two doors

two-edged US English


two-faced US English

Insincere and deceitful

two-four US English

A case of twenty-four bottles of beer

two-horse US English

(Of a race or other contest) in which only two of the competitors or participants are likely winners

two-phase US English

(Of an electric generator, motor, or other device) designed to supply or use simultaneously two separate alternating currents of the same voltage, but with phases differing by half a period

two-piece US English

Denoting something consisting of two matching items

two shot US English

A movie or television shot of two people together

two-sided US English

Having two sides

two-star US English

Given two stars in a grading system, typically one in which this denotes a low middle standard (four- or five-star denoting the highest standard)

two-state US English

Capable of existing in either of two states or conditions

two-step US English

A round dance with a sliding step in march or polka time

two-time US English

Deceive or be unfaithful to (a lover or spouse)

two-tone US English

Having two different shades or colors

two-faced US Thesaurus

her two-faced ex

two by two US English

Side by side in pairs

number two US English

A second in command

two fingers US English

Another term for V-sign222.

two-fisted US English

Strong, virile, and straightforward

two-handed US English

Having, using, or requiring the use of two hands

two-hander US English

A play for two actors

two natures US English

The divine and human natures of Christ.

two-seater US English

A vehicle or piece of furniture with seating for two people

two-stroke US English

Denoting an internal combustion engine whose power cycle is completed in one up-and-down movement of the piston

two-tailed US English

(Of a test) testing for deviation from the null hypothesis in both directions

two-wheeler US English

A bicycle or motorcycle

two-timing US Thesaurus

several people heard the threats she made to her two-timing husband

two-facedness US English

Insincerity and deceitfulness

two-spirited US English

(Of a member of an American Indian people) gay, lesbian, or transgender

break in two US English

Break into two parts

a —— or two US English

Used to denote a small but unspecified number

two-by-four US English

A piece of lumber with a rectangular cross section nominally two inches by four inches

two-dimensional US English

Having or appearing to have length and breadth but no depth

two-up ring US English

A site where the gambling game of two-up is played

two-up two-down US English

A house with two reception rooms downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs

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