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type US English

A category of people or things having common characteristics

-type US English

(Forming adjectives) resembling or having the characteristics of a specified thing

true to form US English

Being or behaving as expected

one's type in type US English

The sort of person one likes or finds attractive

type US Thesaurus

a pastor of the old-fashioned type

n-type US English

Denoting a region in a semiconductor in which electrical conduction is due chiefly to the movement of electrons

p-type US English

Denoting a region in a semiconductor in which electrical conduction is due chiefly to the movement of positive holes

type 1 US English

Designating or pertaining to some forms of diabetes, especially insulin-dependent diabetes.

type 2 US English

Designating or pertaining to some forms of diabetes, especially the non-insulin-dependent type.

Type A US English

A personality type characterized by ambition, high energy, and competitiveness, and thought to be susceptible to stress and heart disease

Type B US English

A personality type characterized as easygoing and thought to have low susceptibility to stress

in type US English

Composed and ready for printing

body type US English

Typography the typeface used for printing the main text of a publication.

book type US English

Type which is used for printing books.

data type US English

A particular kind of data item, as defined by the values it can take, the programming language used, or the operations that can be performed on it

job type US English

Type (of a special or ornamental kind) used in job printing.

Mira-type US English

Of or belonging to the class of variable stars of which Mira (ο Ceti) is a member.

ram-type US English

Reminiscent or characteristic of a ram, in various senses.

type site US English

A site where objects or materials regarded as defining the characteristics of a particular period were found

wild type US English

A strain, gene, or characteristic that prevails among individuals in natural conditions, as distinct from an atypical mutant type

word-type US English

Printing. = logotype.

Arthus-type US English

(attributive) of the nature of or resembling an Arthus reaction.

blood type US English

Another term for blood group.

colour type US English

A type or category in respect of colour.

house type US English

A type or variety of house.

ideal type US English

A hypothetical construct made up of the salient features or elements of a social phenomenon, or generalized concept, in order to facilitate comparison and classification of what is found in operation. Also (frequently with hyphen) attributive.

large-type US English

Printed in a larger typeface than is usual.

mating type US English

A strain of an organism, especially a fungus or protozoan, that can undergo conjugation and sexual reproduction only with another, genetically distinct, strain of the same species.

music type US English

A type font used for printing sheet music.

phage type US English

A strain of a bacterial species distinguished by susceptibility to a range of phages.

phage-type US English

To determine the phage type of (a bacterium).

phone-type US English

A speech sound considered as a purely phonetic event.

reach type US English

= reach truck; frequently attributive.

record type US English

A typeface including special characters which reproduce the contractions or particular letterforms found in medieval manuscripts.

roller-type US English

Of a kind that has the form or movement of a roller.

tissue type US English

A class of tissues which are immunologically compatible with one another

touch-type US English

Type using all one’s fingers and without looking at the keys

type metal US English

An alloy of lead, tin, and antimony, used for casting type

display type US English

Large or eye-catching type used for headings or advertisements

movable type US English

An individually cast piece of type. Also: such pieces collectively; the system of printing which uses type of this kind.

Raudive-type US English

Designating Raudive voices.

reaction type US English

(In behavioural typology) a physical or personality type which is expected to react in specific ways to a stimulus.

spectral type US English

The group in which a star is classified according to its spectrum, especially using the Harvard classification

type approval US English

Official confirmation from a government or other body that a manufactured item meets required specifications

type founder US English

A designer and maker of metal type

type locality US English

The place in which a type specimen was found

type species US English

The particular species on which the description of a genus is based and with which the genus name remains associated during any taxonomic revision

type specimen US English

The specimen, or each of a set of specimens, on which the description and name of a new species is based

Alzheimer type US English

The type of pathological change or symptoms characteristic of Alzheimer's disease; specifically the type of dementia that is typical of Alzheimer's disease, as diagnosed by clinical criteria; frequently attributive.

locomotive-type US English

Designating a boiler of a type typically used for railway locomotives, with a horizontal barrel and fire tubes.

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