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value US English

The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something

value US Thesaurus

houses exceeding $250,000 in value

R-value US English

The capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power

par value US English

The nominal value of a bond, share of stock, or a coupon as indicated in writing on the document or specified by charter

use value US English

(Now chiefly in Marxist theory): the value of a product or commodity as determined by its utility to the society in which it exists, as opposed to its value when traded or the quantity of other commodities for which it can be traded.

acid value US English

A quantity expressing the free acid content of a substance, especially an oil or fat.

asset value US English

The (theoretical) value of each of the shares in a company, calculated by dividing the value of the company's assets, less its liabilities, by the number of shares issued.

book value US English

The value of a security or asset as entered in a company’s books

core value US English

A principle or belief that a person or organization views as being of central importance

face value US English

The value printed or depicted on a coin, banknote, postage stamp, ticket, etc., especially when less than the actual or intrinsic value

faith value US English

A quality, value, etc., deriving from or founded on faith.

food value US English

The nutritional value of a foodstuff

metal value US English

The actual value of a coin as a piece of metal.

mint value US English

= mint price.

money value US English

The value of something in terms of money.

place value US English

The numerical value that a digit has by virtue of its position in a number

point value US English

Value measured in terms of points.

snob value US English

Value attached to something for its power to indicate supposed social superiority; cachet

time value US English

The value of something in regard to time; especially the relative duration of a note in music.

truth value US English

The attribute assigned to a proposition in respect of its truth or falsehood, which in classical logic has only two possible values (true or false)

value added US English

The amount by which the value of an article is increased at each stage of its production, exclusive of initial costs

value chain US English

The process or activities by which a company adds value to an article, including production, marketing, and the provision of after-sales service

value-free US English

Free from criteria imposed by subjective values or standards; purely objective

value-laden US English

Presupposing the acceptance of a particular set of values

value stock US English

Shares of a company with solid fundamentals that are priced below those of its peers, based on analysis of price/earnings ratio, yield, and other factors

capital value US English

The market value of a long-term investment or asset.

colour value US English

An amount or level of colour, especially a relative level within a colour scheme or a system of colours.

facial value US English

= face value.

maleic value US English

A measure of the number of conjugated double bonds in a substance (e.g. an oil), obtained by reaction with maleic anhydride.

market value US English

The amount for which something can be sold on a given market

marquee value US English

The ability to attract a large audience, ‘pulling power’.

nominal value US English

The value that is stated on currency; face value

points value US English

= point value.

prairie value US English

(Originally in the context of land reforms in Ireland in the late 19th cent.) the rental value of prairie land, or of any (formerly) uncultivated land, based on the value of the land in its original state.

prayer-value US English

The worth of a particular belief for the efficacy of prayer.

present value US English

The value in the present of a sum of money, in contrast to some future value it will have when it has been invested at compound interest

rarity value US English

The value an object or occurrence has because of its scarcity or infrequency.

resale value US English

The value that goods, especially a house or other property, have on resale.

street value US English

The price for which something, especially an amount of drugs, that is illegal or has been obtained illicitly can be sold

surplus value US English

(In Marxist theory) the excess of value produced by the labor of workers over the wages they are paid

value-adding US English

That increases the value of something; specifically designating a process of manufacture or other enhancement which adds value to raw materials.

value analyst US English

A person who undertakes a value analysis.

value calling US English

Bridge a system of estimating bids which takes into account the scoring values of the suits.

value freedom US English

The state of being value-free; objectiveness.

value-loaded US English

Weighted or biased in favour of certain values.

value-neutral US English

Not presupposing the acceptance of any particular values

value system US English

Any set of connected or interdependent values.

value theory US English

Political Economy the Marxist labour theory of value, which relates the value of a commodity to the labour and cost of its production.

absolute value US English

The magnitude of a real number without regard to its sign

appraisal value US English

The estimated monetary value of something; specifically the estimated value of a company, based on a calculation of future as well as current profits.

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