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various US English

Different from one another; of different kinds or sorts

various US Thesaurus

there are various styles to choose from

he underwent various tests in undergo English-Spanish

le hicieron distintos análisis

she belongs to various learned bodies in learned English-Spanish

es miembro de varias agrupaciones académicas

let us consider the various options in various English-Spanish

consideremos las diversas opciones

we've tried various layouts for the cover in layout English-Spanish

hemos probado varios diseños para la portada

the material has to undergo various processes in process English-Spanish

hay que someter el material a varios procesos

people as various as lawyers and plumbers in various English-Spanish

personas tan diversas como abogados y fontaneros

we were pondering over the various alternatives in ponder English-Spanish

estábamos sopesando las diferentes alternativas

various ethnic groups live side by side here in side English-Spanish

varios grupos étnicos conviven aquí

various trends are operating against/in favor of integration in operate English-Spanish

varias tendencias obran en contra de/a favor de la integración

they've tried at various times to change the rules in time English-Spanish

han tratado de cambiar las reglas en varias oportunidades

various factions are vying for control of the party in vie English-Spanish

varias facciones se disputan el control del partido

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