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vesicle US English

A fluid- or air-filled cavity or sac, in particular

optic vesicle US English

Either of a pair of vesicles connected with the forebrain of an embryo, from which the optic nerve and retina are developed.

coated vesicle US English

A vesicle formed from a coated pit, concerned with the transport of molecules between organelles in the cell and to and from the cell membrane.

seminal vesicle US English

Each of a pair of glands that open into the vas deferens near its junction with the urethra and secrete many of the components of semen

germinal vesicle US English

The nucleus of an ovum or oocyte, (in later use) specifically that of a developing oocyte at the stage immediately preceding meiosis.

blastodermic vesicle US English

Another term for blastocyst.

Polian vesicle in polian US English

Designating each of the sacs or tubes connected with the circular vessel of the water-vascular system in many echinoderms. Chiefly in Polian vesicle.