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visit US English

Go to see and spend time with (someone) socially

visit US Thesaurus

I visited my dear uncle

pop visit US English

A quick or unexpected visit.

home visit US English

A visit to a person’s home, especially one made by a health-care professional or social worker

pop-in visit US English

= pop visit.

state visit US English

A ceremonial visit to a foreign country by a head of state

flying visit US English

A very short visit

morning visit US English

A visit made in the morning.

conjugal visit US English

A visit to a prisoner, by the spouse of the prisoner, especially for sexual relations

revisit US English

Come back to or visit again

ad limina visit in ad limina US English

Designating or relating to the obligatory regular visits made to the Holy See by certain members of the Church hierarchy to report to the Pope. Chiefly in ad limina visit.