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volume US English

A book forming part of a work or series

slim volume US English

A book, typically of verse, by a little-known author

atomic volume US English

The volume occupied by one gram-atom of an element under standard conditions

swept volume US English

The volume through which a piston or plunger moves as it makes a stroke

critical volume US English

The volume occupied by a unit mass of a gas or vapor in its critical state

volume New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

book forming part of a work or series

volume US Thesaurus

a volume from the library

companion volume in companion English-Spanish

libro que acompaña o complementa a otro

a two-volume dictionary in volume English-Spanish

un diccionario en dos tomos

with the volume down low in down English-Spanish

con el volumen al mínimo

with the volume right up in up English-Spanish

con el volumen al máximo

she had the volume up high in up English-Spanish

tenía el volumen muy alto

volume varies inversely with pressure in inversely English-Spanish

el volumen varía inversamente a la presión

what is the volume of this bottle? in volume English-Spanish

¿qué capacidad tiene esta botella?

I worked my way through volume three in work English-Spanish

logré terminar el tercer volumen

pressure and volume are in inverse proportion in inverse English-Spanish

la presión y el volumen son inversamente proporcionales

we'll send you the first volume on trial in trial English-Spanish

le enviaremos el primer tomo a prueba

when the liquid is down to half its volume in down English-Spanish

cuando el líquido se haya reducido a la mitad de su volumen

the bridge was not designed to take the strain of such a heavy volume of traffic in strain English-Spanish

el puente no fue diseñado para soportar semejante volumen de tráfico

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