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vowel US English

A speech sound that is produced by comparatively open configuration of the vocal tract, with vibration of the vocal cords but without audible friction and is a unit of the sound system of a language that forms the nucleus of a syllable

vowel point US English

Each of a set of marks indicating vowels in writing phonetically explicit text in Semitic languages such as Hebrew and Arabic

vowel shift US English

A phonetic change in a vowel or vowels

murmur vowel US English

A glide or weak vowel; = schwa.

neutral vowel US English

A central, usually unstressed, vowel sound produced with the tongue slack and the lips relaxed and having indefinite quality, especially schwa.

obscure vowel US English

Another term for indeterminate vowel.

support vowel US English

An epenthetic vowel, specifically one between a word-final and word-initial consonant.

vowel harmony US English

The phenomenon in some languages, e.g., Turkish, in which all the vowels in a word are members of the same subclass, for example all front vowels or all back vowels

vowel height US English

The degree to which the tongue is raised or lowered in the articulation of a particular vowel

cardinal vowel US English

Each of a series of vowel sounds used as a standard reference point to assist in the description and classification of vowel sounds in any language

vowel gradation US English

Another term for ablaut.

subjunctive vowel US English

The second vowel of a diphthong.

indeterminate vowel US English

The vowel heard in “a moment ago”; a schwa ə

semivowel US English

A speech sound intermediate between a vowel and a consonant, e.g., w or y

the Great Vowel Shift in vowel shift US English

A series of changes between medieval and modern English affecting the long vowels of the standard language