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water US English

A colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms

water US Thesaurus

a glass of water

hot water US English

Water at a high temperature, either naturally as in a hot spring, or artificially heated for cookery, washing, or other purposes; (in later use) specifically heated water available on tap (in a home, hotel, etc.).

ice water US English

Water melted from ice or with ice added to cool it

low water US English

Another term for low tide.

oil-water US English

Situated between or involving oil and water.

pit water US English

Water from a well.

pot-water US English

Water for cooking purposes.

rag water US English

Alcoholic spirits or other liquor, especially of an inferior quality.

sub-water US English

Water that occurs beneath the earth's surface in soil, rocks, etc.

tap water US English

Water from a piped supply

by water US English

Using a ship or boat for travel or transport

water bag US English

A bag made of leather, canvas, or other material, used for carrying water

water gap US English

A transverse gap in a mountain ridge through which a stream or river flows

water gas US English

A fuel gas consisting mainly of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, made by passing steam over incandescent coke

water gun US English

A water pistol

water rat US English

Any of a number of semiaquatic rodents, in particular

alum water US English

Water containing dissolved alum, used for various purposes.

back water US English

Reverse the action of the oars while rowing, causing a boat to slow down or stop

black water US English

Waste water from toilets

blue-water US English

Relating to or associated with the open sea; oceangoing

buko water US English

= buko juice.

coal water US English

Water contaminated with coal, especially from a coal mine.

dead water US English

Still water without any current

dill water US English

An extract distilled from dill, used to relieve flatulence

flat water US English

Ordinary tap or bottled drinking water, as opposed to sparkling water

free water US English

Water in a lake, river, or stretch of sea that is not confined or obstructed, e.g. by ice or the piers of a bridge; compare sense A. 9 and open water.

gray water US English

The relatively clean waste water from baths, sinks, washing machines, and other kitchen appliances

green water US English

Water coloured green by algae or other organic matter.

gripe water US English

A solution given to babies for the relief of colic, wind, and indigestion

heavy water US English

Water in which the hydrogen in the molecules is partly or wholly replaced by the isotope deuterium, used especially as a moderator in nuclear reactors

high water US English

Another term for high tide.

hold water US English

(Of a statement, theory, or line of reasoning) appear to be valid, sound, or reasonable

holy water US English

Water blessed by a priest and used in religious ceremonies

honey water US English

Water with honey dissolved in it.

light water US English

Water containing the normal proportion (or less) of deuterium oxide, i.e., about 0.02 percent, especially to distinguish it from heavy water

lolly water US English

Non-alcoholic or weak alcoholic drink

Mammy Water US English

A spirit woman often taking the form of a mermaid, and believed in parts of Africa (especially West Africa) to inhabit lakes and rivers.

mouth-water US English

Caribbean. Saliva.

night water US English

Water which collects or is stored during the night.

open water US English

A stretch of water which is not enclosed by land, ice, or other barriers

paste water US English

= paste wash.

peach water US English

(Originally) a flavouring extract obtained from peach leaves, having a flavour of bitter almonds; (now) bottled water with a peach flavour.

pilot water US English

A stretch of water, especially the channel of a harbour, in which it is usual or obligatory for ships to employ local pilots.

pipe-water US English

Water channelled through a pipe or conduit.

poppy water US English

A soporific drink or soothing infusion made from poppies.

pump water US English

Water obtained from the ground by means of a pump, as distinguished from rainwater, spring water, etc.

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