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whelk1 US English

A predatory marine mollusk with a heavy, pointed spiral shell, some kinds of which are edible

whelk2 US English

A pimple

dog whelk US English

A predatory marine mollusk that typically occurs on the shore or in shallow waters

red whelk US English

A whelk with a robust reddish or yellowish shell, Neptunea antiqua (family Buccinidae), found in cold temperate waters of the eastern Atlantic; also called buckie.

rock whelk US English

The common dog whelk, Nucella lapillus.

needle whelk US English

A horn shell of the genus Bittium (family Cerithiidae); especially B. reticulatum of the north-east Atlantic and Mediterranean.

netted dog-whelk US English

A carnivorous gastropod mollusc, Nassarius reticulatus (family Nassariidae) with a light brown beaded shell, common to European seashores.