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wiring US English

A system of wires providing electric circuits for a device or building

wire US English

Install electric circuits or wires in

bi-wiring US English

The use of two wires between an amplifier and a loudspeaker to operate the low- and high-frequency speaker circuits separately

wiring loom US English

= wiring harness, loom.

earth wiring US English

Earth wires or connections collectively.

wiring party US English

(Especially in the First World War (1914–1818)) a squad sent out to erect and repair barbed wire entanglements.

wiring diagram US English

A diagram of the wires in an electrical installation or device, showing the relationship between connections and components and usually also their physical arrangement.

wiring harness US English

A bundle of individually insulated wires bound closely together by means of ties at intervals and conveying signals or power in a motor vehicle, appliance, or machine.

rewire US English

Provide (an appliance, building, or vehicle) with new electric wiring

earth-wire US English

To provide with or connect to an earth wire.

hot-wire US English

Start the engine of (a vehicle) by bypassing the ignition system, typically in order to steal it