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Easter English-Spanish

Pascua feminine (de Resurrección)

Easter Day English-Spanish

(el) Domingo de Pascua

Easter egg English-Spanish

huevo masculine de Pascua

Easter Island English-Spanish

la Isla de Pascua

Easter Monday English-Spanish

(el) lunes de Pascua

Easter Sunday in Easter Day English-Spanish

(el) Domingo de Pascua

Easter week in Easter English-Spanish

Semana feminine Santa

the Easter bunny in bunny English-Spanish

el conejo de Pascua

the Easter vacation in Easter English-Spanish

las vacaciones de Semana Santa

Easter is early this year in early English-Spanish

(la) Pascua cae temprano este año

Easter is late this year in late English-Spanish

(la) Pascua cae tarde este año

it happened somewhere around Easter in somewhere English-Spanish

sucedió alrededor de Semana Santa

he's staying with us over Easter in stay English-Spanish

va a pasar la Semana Santa con nosotros