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library English-Spanish

biblioteca feminine

toy library English-Spanish

ludoteca feminine

British Library English-Spanish

→ British Library

lending library English-Spanish

bibliotecaen la que se permite sacar libros en préstamo

library edition English-Spanish

edición especial para bibliotecas

library science English-Spanish

biblioteconomía feminine, bibliotecología feminine

record library English-Spanish

discoteca feminine

copyright library English-Spanish

biblioteca feminine de depósito legal

depository library English-Spanish

biblioteca que recibe las publicaciones oficiales del gobierno

circulating library English-Spanish

biblioteca feminineque permite sacar libros en préstamo

CD library in CD English-Spanish

biblioteca, servicio

film library in film English-Spanish

cinemateca feminine

picture library in picture English-Spanish

archivo masculine de imágenes

video library in video English-Spanish

videoteca feminine

public/town library in library English-Spanish

biblioteca pública/municipal

a study-cum-library in cum English-Spanish

un estudio-biblioteca

a library of programs in library English-Spanish

una colección de programas

the library is on campus in on-campus English-Spanish

la biblioteca está dentro del campus

the library also lends records in lend English-Spanish

la biblioteca también presta discos

the latest additions to our library in addition English-Spanish

las últimas adquisiciones de nuestra biblioteca

the library is a no-smoking area in area English-Spanish

en la biblioteca no se puede fumar

I'm going down to Anne's/the library in down English-Spanish

voy a casa de Anne/a la biblioteca

what time does the library open? in open English-Spanish

¿a qué hora abre la biblioteca?

the library is just down the street in down English-Spanish

la biblioteca está un poco más allá

she followed him into/out of the library in follow English-Spanish

entró en/salió de la biblioteca tras él

joining the library is a simple procedure in procedure English-Spanish

el trámite para hacerse socio de la biblioteca es sencillo

the teacher issued library cards to the pupils in issue English-Spanish

el profesor distribuyó tarjetas de lector entre los alumnos

I went to the library for some peace and quiet in peace English-Spanish

me fui a la biblioteca para poder estar tranquilo

I spent my time very usefully at the library in usefully English-Spanish

aproveché muy bien el tiempo en la biblioteca

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