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mouth-to-mouth English-Spanish

boca a boca

hand-to-mouth English-Spanish

pobre, precario

mouth-to-mouth resuscitation English-Spanish

(respiración feminine) boca a boca masculine

to be all mouth in mouth English-Spanish

ser* un fanfarrón

to mouth off at sb English-Spanish

poner* verde a algn colloquial/familiar, insolentarse

to have a big mouth in mouth English-Spanish

hablar demasiado, ser* un bocazas

to shoot one's mouth off in mouth English-Spanish

fanfarronear colloquial/familiar, darse* pisto Spain/Españacolloquial/familiar

to shoot off at the mouth in mouth English-Spanish

decir* disparates, disparatar

to put words into sb's mouth in word English-Spanish

atribuirle* a algn algo que no dijo

to put one's foot in one's mouth in foot English-Spanish

meter la pata colloquial/familiar, cometer una gaffe

to mouth platitudes in mouth English-Spanish

decir* lugares comunes

to take the bread out of sb's mouth in bread English-Spanish

quitarle el pan de la boca a algn

to speak with a plum in one's mouth in plum English-Spanish

hablar como quien tiene una papa

to leave a bad taste in the mouth in taste English-Spanish

dejarle a algn (un) mal sabor de boca

to take the words out of sb's mouth in word English-Spanish

quitarle la(s) palabra(s) de la boca a algn

to foam at the mouth in foam English-Spanish

echar espuma por la boca

to have a foul mouth in foul English-Spanish

ser* muy mal hablado, decir* palabrotas, ser muy boca sucia

to froth at the mouth in froth English-Spanish

echar espuma por la boca

another (hungry) mouth to feed in mouth English-Spanish

otra boca más que alimentar

to spoon food into sb's mouth in spoon English-Spanish

darle* de comer a algn en la boca

it's rude to speak with your mouth full in rude English-Spanish

es (de) mala educación hablar con la boca llena

can we rely on him to keep his mouth shut? in rely English-Spanish

¿podemos confiar en que no va a decir nada

people got to know about it by word of mouth in word English-Spanish

la gente se enteró porque se corrió la voz

I want to hear it straight from the horse's mouth in horse English-Spanish

quiero que me lo diga él mismo/ella misma