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plant English-Spanish

planta f

pot plant English-Spanish

planta f, cultivada en una maceta, mata fCol, Ven

power plant English-Spanish

→ power station

bedding plant English-Spanish

planta, planta, planta

rubber plant English-Spanish

ficus m, gomero mCS, caucho mCol

spider plant English-Spanish

cinta f, malamadre fMéx, Ven, lazo m de amor RPl

reprocessing plant English-Spanish

planta f de reprocesado

plant out English-Spanish

trasplantara la intemperie

plant pot in plant English-Spanish

maceta f, tiesto m, macetero mAmS

to plant sth on sb English-Spanish

colocar(le)* algo

recycling plant in recycling English-Spanish

planta f de reciclaje

tomato (plant) in tomato English-Spanish

tomatera f, tomate m, jitomate mMéx

desalination plant in desalination English-Spanish

(planta f) desalinizadora f, desaladora f

a foliage plant in foliage English-Spanish

una planta decorativa

the plant world in world English-Spanish

el mundo de las plantas, el reino vegetal

animal/plant life in life English-Spanish

vida animal/vegetal

a moisture-loving plant in -loving English-Spanish

una planta que necesita humedad

to plant a punch on sb in plant English-Spanish

plantarle un puñetazo a algn

a summer-/spring-flowering plant in flower English-Spanish

una planta que florece en verano/primavera

this plant provides good ground cover in cover English-Spanish

esta planta cubre rápidamente el terreno

he said the knife was a plant in plant English-Spanish

dijo que el cuchillo se lo habían colocado para inculparlo

a plant peculiar to southern Africa in peculiar English-Spanish

una planta que solo se da en el sur de África

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