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stay English-Spanish

quedarse, permanecer* formal

long-stay English-Spanish

de estancia

short-stay English-Spanish

short-stay car park

stay in English-Spanish

quedarse en su sitio

stay off English-Spanish

I stayed off work today

stay on English-Spanish

quedarse en su sitio

stay out English-Spanish

to stay out all night

stay up English-Spanish


stay away English-Spanish

stay well away from the flames

stay down English-Spanish

no levantarse

stay over English-Spanish

quedarse (a dormir)

stay with English-Spanish

quedarse con

stay out of English-Spanish

try to stay out of trouble/harm's way/his way

stay there in stay English-Spanish

quédate ahí, no te muevas de ahí

to stay alert in alert English-Spanish

mantenerse* alerta, seguir* atento

to stay awake in awake English-Spanish

no dormirse*, mantenerse* despierto

to stay afloat in afloat English-Spanish

mantenerse* a flote

he bade me (to) stay in bid English-Spanish

me pidió que me quedara

to stay overnight in overnight English-Spanish

quedarse a pasar la noche, hacer* noche

stay still/single in stay English-Spanish

quédate quieto/soltero

I can't stay long in can English-Spanish

no me puedo quedar mucho rato

stay close to us in stay English-Spanish

no te alejes de nosotros

stay out of the sun in stay English-Spanish

quédate a la sombra

don't stay up for me in stay English-Spanish

no me esperes levantado

don't stay up for me in stay up English-Spanish

no me esperes levantado

I couldn't stay awake in stay English-Spanish

no podía mantenerme despierto

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