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-ism British & World English

Forming nouns:

ism British & World English

A distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement

I-ism British & World English

(A) Metaphysics the reference of all things to one's own consciousness, egoism. (b) nonce-wd. The frequent use of ‘I’, egotism of style.

me-ism British & World English

Usually depreciative. A personal religion or creed, frequently incorporating beliefs or practices from various other sources.

non-ism British & World English

Abstention from activities and substances regarded as damaging to one’s health or well-being

nothing-but-ism British & World English

An oversimplistic approach to the explanation of a phenomenon, which excludes complicating factors; reductionism.

nabism British & World English

Art. In form Nabism. The artistic theories or style of the Nabis.

Natoism British & World English

Commitment to NATO.

ad hocism British & World English

Depreciative. The use of (or tendency to use) ad hoc measures, rather than general long-term strategies, to deal with issues, situations, etc.

plein-airism British & World English

The theories, practices, or style of the plein-air school of painting.

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