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BASIC British & World English

A simple high-level computer programming language that uses familiar English words, designed for beginners and formerly used widely

basic British & World English

Forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental

basic English Thesaurus

the basic principles of criminal law

basic in basic English Thesaurus

the basic principles of criminal law

basic in fundamental English Thesaurus

a fundamental political principle

Basic Law British & World English

That of the Federal Republic of Germany, established in 1949.

non-basic British & World English

Chemistry. Not having the properties of or containing a base.

basic pay British & World English

A standard rate of pay before additional payments such as allowances and bonuses

basic rate British & World English

A standard rate of pay, before additions are made for overtime, etc.; also, the standard rate charged for a service, before discounts or supplementary charges.

basic skill British & World English

(Chiefly in plural) a skill considered fundamental or elementary in a particular field, or to enable a person to function in society; (Education) the minimum level of literacy or numeracy.

basic slag British & World English

Slag formed as a by-product of basic steel-making processes. It is generally rich in lime and sometimes also in phosphates, and can be used as fertilizer

basic wage British & World English

The amount a person earns before additional payments such as overtime

basic number British & World English

The haploid number of chromosomes; specifically the lowest haploid number of a polyploid series.

basic-oxygen British & World English

Designating a type of steelmaking furnace which is lined with material rich in basic oxides, and in which the metal is heated under a directly-injected layer of gaseous oxygen; hence, designating this technique or process of steel production, or steel produced in this way.

Basic English British & World English

A simplified form of English limited to 850 selected words, intended for international communication

basic research British & World English

Theoretical research aimed at discovering scientific principles and facts; opposed to applied research, which puts those principles to practical use.

basic training British & World English

The initial period of training for new personnel, involving intense physical activity and behavioral discipline

basic oxygen process British & World English

A steel-making process in which a jet of oxygen is delivered by a lance on to a molten mixture of pig iron and scrap steel in a retort lined with a basic refractory. Excess carbon is burnt away, producing enough heat to keep the iron molten, and the oxidized impurities are removed as gases or slag