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New England British & World English

An area on the NE coast of the US, comprising the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut

New England aster British & World English

A Michaelmas daisy, Aster novae-angliae, of central and north-eastern North America, which usually has violet-blue flowers.

New England mayflower British & World English

Trailing arbutus, Epigaea repens.

New England theology British & World English

A movement in American Protestantism, based on the writings of Jonathan Edwards (1703–58), Congregational minister, and combining orthodox Calvinist doctrine with a reasoned support for evangelical revivalism.

New England boiled dinner British & World English

A dish of meat (often corned beef), cabbage or other vegetables, and potatoes, prepared by simmering in water

New England clam chowder British & World English

A thick chowder made with clams, onions, potatoes, salt pork, and milk or cream