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OLE British & World English

Object linking and embedding, denoting a set of techniques for transferring an object from one application to another

-ole British & World English

In names of organic compounds, especially heterocyclic compounds

old higue British & World English

In legends and popular stories: a witch, said to shed her skin at night and fly (sometimes in the form of a ball of fire) in search of sleeping people, especially babies, from whom she sucks the blood.

olykoek British & World English

A small ball-shaped cake made of sweetened dough and traditionally fried in lard (similar to a doughnut).

Grand Ole Opry in opry British & World English

In full Grand Ole Opry. A regular concert of country music broadcast from 1940 as a radio (and subsequently as a television) programme, from Nashville, Tennessee; the venue where this concert is held; the type of music characteristic of this programme.