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Tamil British & World English

A member of a people inhabiting parts of South India and Sri Lanka

Tamil Tiger British & World English

A member of the paramilitary Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam; (in plural) this organization.

Tamil Nadu British & World English

A state in the extreme south-east of the Indian peninsula, on the Coromandel Coast, with a largely Tamil-speaking, Hindu population; capital, Chennai (Madras). Tamil Nadu was formerly an ancient kingdom comprising a much larger area, stretching northwards to Orissa and including the Lakshadweep Islands and part of the Malabar Coast

Tamil Tigers British & World English

A Sri Lankan guerrilla organization founded in 1972 that seeks the establishment of an independent state (Eelam) in the north-east of the country for the Tamil community. They waged an armed campaign until defeated by the Sri Lankan army in 2009