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basic British & World English

Forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental

BASIC British & World English

A simple high-level computer programming language that uses familiar English words, designed for beginners and formerly used widely

basic English Thesaurus

the basic principles of criminal law

basic in basic English Thesaurus

the basic principles of criminal law

basic in fundamental English Thesaurus

a fundamental political principle

basic pay British & World English

A standard rate of pay before additional payments such as allowances and bonuses

basic slag British & World English

Slag formed as a by-product of basic steel-making processes. It is generally rich in lime and sometimes also in phosphates, and can be used as fertilizer

basic wage British & World English

The amount a person earns before additional payments such as overtime

Basic English British & World English

A simplified form of English limited to 850 selected words, intended for international communication

basic training British & World English

The initial period of training for new personnel, involving intense physical activity and behavioral discipline

basic oxygen process British & World English

A steel-making process in which a jet of oxygen is delivered by a lance on to a molten mixture of pig iron and scrap steel in a retort lined with a basic refractory. Excess carbon is burnt away, producing enough heat to keep the iron molten, and the oxidized impurities are removed as gases or slag