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colour British & World English

The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light

colour English Thesaurus

the lights flickered and changed colour

colour book British & World English

A book with illustrations in colour.

colour box British & World English

A box containing a colour or colours; specifically a portable box for holding an artist's paints, brushes, etc., a paint box.

colour cake British & World English

A cake of coloured paint.

colour card British & World English

A card bearing samples of paint colours.

colour cast British & World English

A tint or coloration affecting the appearance or look of something; (Photography and Film) an unwanted colour affecting the whole of an image evenly, typically resulting from the nature of the ambient light, or from incorrect development or processing.

colour cell British & World English

A cell in animal tissue containing colouring matter, a pigment cell.

colour cup British & World English

A container or receptacle holding paint, ink, etc., for use in painting or photography, specifically one attached to a spray gun.

colour disc British & World English

A disc with a number of different colours arranged in sectors.

colour film British & World English

A coloured coating or pellicle.

colour line British & World English

Originally and chiefly US. An enforced separation between white people and black people (or occasionally those of other racial groups) in a country, community, or establishment.

colour name British & World English

A word denoting a colour, or a phrase denoting a particular shade of colour.

colour pan British & World English

(In textile printing) a pan in which colours and thickeners are mixed together.

colour-ring British & World English

To mark (birds) by colour ringing.

colour shop British & World English

An establishment or workshop where pigments, dyes, paints, etc., are prepared or sold.

colour snap British & World English

In form Coloursnap. attributive Designating a process for producing colour photographs. Now historical and rare.

colour tone British & World English

A shade of a colour, especially one having a particular quality of brightness, deepness, or hue, or producing a particular effect within a picture or other image; (as a mass noun) the distinctive qualities or visual effect of a shade of colour.

colour top British & World English

A top with the upper surface painted in coloured sections, especially with the colours of the spectrum, so that the effects of the combination of these colours can be seen when the top is spun.

colour type British & World English

A type or category in respect of colour.

colour-weak British & World English

(Of a person) that has difficulty in distinguishing some colours.

colour word British & World English

A word denoting a colour.

frog colour British & World English

A shade of green resembling that of a frog; a dullish green.

ice colour British & World English

Any of a class of insoluble azo dyes which are formed directly on fibre by impregnating it with one component of the dye (naphthol or a naphthol derivative) and then immersing it in a solution of the other (a diazo compound).

key colour British & World English

The dominant or base colour in a picture or colour scheme.

Mars colour British & World English

Any pigment prepared in this way.

rose colour British & World English

The colour of a rose, especially a pink or light crimson tint or hue.

rose-colour British & World English

To make rose-coloured; (figurative) to cause to appear pleasant or attractive.

body colour British & World English

Opaque pigment used in painting, especially gouache

colour bar British & World English

A social system in which black people are denied access to the same rights, opportunities, and facilities as white people

colour code British & World English

A system of marking things with different colours as a means of identification

colour fast British & World English

Dyed in colours that will not fade or be washed out

colour wash British & World English

Coloured distemper

full colour British & World English

The full range of colours

high colour British & World English

A flushed complexion

oil colour British & World English

Another term for oil paint.

tone colour British & World English

Another term for timbre.

off colour English Thesaurus

I'm feeling a bit off colour

cocoa colour British & World English

A brown colour similar to that of cocoa.

colour atlas British & World English

A publication giving examples of a series of shades of a number of colours, to aid identification, selection of matching shades, etc.; compare colour chart.

colour burst British & World English

A burst of colour; (Television) a signal of short duration transmitted periodically at a precisely defined frequency in order to keep the chrominance signal synchronized.

colour change British & World English

A change in colour; (Zoology) the alteration in the colour of an animal's coat, skin, plumage, etc., either for camouflage (especially in response to change in the surroundings) or as a signal to others (e.g. as a warning, a cue for mating, etc.).

colour charge British & World English

A charge associated with colour or the production of colour.

colour chart British & World English

A chart giving examples of a series of shades of a number of colours, to aid identification, selection of matching shades, etc.

colour chest British & World English

A locker in which a ship's colours are stored when not in use.

colour chord British & World English

A harmonious combination of colours, creating a visual effect reminiscent of that created in sound by a musical chord.

colour circle British & World English

A disc that has segments of different colours arranged around the circumference, used in art, interior design, etc.

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