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commend British & World English

Praise formally or officially

commend someone/thing to in commend British & World English

Entrust someone or something to

commend someone to in commend British & World English

Pass on someone’s good wishes to

commend English Thesaurus

we should commend him for his remarkable altruism

commend English-Spanish


to commend sth to sb English-Spanish

recomendar(le)* algo

to commend sb/sth to sb English-Spanish

encomendar(le)* algn/algo

commend me to your family in commend English-Spanish

presente mis respetos a su familia

the book has little/much to commend it in commend English-Spanish

el libro tiene pocos/muchos méritos

his work did not commend itself to the judges in commend English-Spanish

su obra no encontró aceptación entre el jurado

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