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conversion British & World English

The process of changing or causing something to change from one form to another

conversion English Thesaurus

the conversion of waste into energy

conversion van British & World English

A motor vehicle in which the area behind the driver has been converted into a living space

gene conversion British & World English

The process whereby, during meiosis, one allele in a heterozygote is converted to the other by a process of mismatch repair

loft conversion British & World English

A space under the roof of a house that has been adapted into a living area, typically a bedroom

conversion factor British & World English

An arithmetical multiplier for converting a quantity expressed in one set of units into an equivalent expressed in another

internal conversion British & World English

Physics the conversion of energy from one form to another within a particular system; especially (in later use) a process in which the energy of a gamma-ray photon emitted by a decaying nucleus is given up to an orbital electron, causing the electron to be emitted from the atom.

Damascene British & World English

Used in reference to an important moment of insight, typically one that leads to a dramatic transformation of attitude or belief

conversion rate in conversion British & World English

(In the context of online marketing) the proportion of people viewing an advertisement and going on to buy the product, click on a link, etc.

conversion per accidens in per accidens British & World English

Logic. Of a conversion: by which the quantity of the proposition is changed from universal to particular. Frequently in conversion per accidens (also called conversion by limitation), opposed to simple conversion.