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crazy British & World English

Mad, especially as manifested in wild or aggressive behaviour

crazy English Thesaurus

all the publicity nearly sent her crazy

like crazy British & World English

To a great degree; very intensely

crazy bone British & World English

US term for funny bone.

crazy golf British & World English

Another term for minigolf.

Crazy Horse British & World English

(Circa 1849–77), Sioux chief; Sioux name Ta-Sunko-Witko. A leading figure in the resistance to white settlement on American Indian land, he was at the centre of the confederation that defeated General Custer at Little Bighorn (1876). He surrendered in 1877 and was killed in custody

crazy quilt British & World English

A patchwork quilt of a type traditionally made in North America, with patches of randomly varying sizes, shapes, colours, and fabrics

stir-crazy British & World English

Psychologically disturbed, especially as a result of being confined or imprisoned

crazy paving British & World English

Paving made of irregular pieces of flat stone

like crazy in crazy British & World English

To a great degree; very intensely

like crazy in crazy English Thesaurus

we are just working like crazy to make what we have efficient

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