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cyanide British & World English

A salt or ester of hydrocyanic acid, containing the anion CN− or the group —CN. The salts are generally extremely toxic

methyl cyanide British & World English

Another term for acetonitrile.

sodium cyanide British & World English

A white odorless crystalline soluble compound that has, when damp, an odor of hydrogen cyanide. It is used for extracting gold and silver from their ores and for case-hardening steel

potassium cyanide British & World English

An extremely poisonous solid, KCN, used in gold and silver extraction and other metallurgical processes, and as a reducing agent in chemical analysis.

hydrogen cyanide British & World English

A highly poisonous gas or volatile liquid with an odour of bitter almonds, made by the action of acids on cyanides

methyl cyanide in acetonitrile British & World English

An odoriferous toxic liquid, used as a solvent in high-performance liquid chromatography