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decree British & World English

An official order that has the force of law

decree English Thesaurus

an emergency presidential decree

decree nisi British & World English

An order by a court of law stating the date on which a marriage will end unless a good reason not to grant a divorce is produced

decree absolute British & World English

A court of law’s final order officially ending a marriage, enabling either party to remarry

decree of absolvitor in absolvitor British & World English

A decree or decision of a court in favour of a defendant in an action. Also as postpositive. In later use only in decree of absolvitor.

decree ad factum praestandum in ad factum praestandum British & World English

With reference to a court order, decree, etc.: such that a particular task or action must be performed. Later also occasionally (with reference to a legal action): in pursuit of a such an order. Now frequently in order ad factum praestandum, decree ad factum praestandum.

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