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drum1 British & World English

A percussion instrument sounded by being struck with sticks or the hands, typically cylindrical, barrel-shaped, or bowl-shaped, with a taut membrane over one or both ends

drum2 British & World English

A long, narrow hill, especially one separating two parallel valleys

drum3 British & World English

A fish that makes a drumming sound by vibrating its swim bladder, found mainly in estuarine and shallow coastal waters

drum English Thesaurus

the steady drum of raindrops

drum-up British & World English

An act of making (and consuming) tea or a light meal.

drum line British & World English

A line used for catching drum fish, typically long and using multiple hooks and lead sinkers.

drum man British & World English

A man who plays a drum or drums.

drum ring British & World English

Anatomy and Zoology the bony ring to which the tympanic membrane is attached; compare tympanic ring.

drum salt British & World English

A salt cellar in the form of an open-topped cylinder with a lid, both of which are typically heavily ornamented.

drum saw British & World English

A saw in the form of a cylinder with a ring of teeth at one end, which is rotated to cut rounded pieces such as staves; also called barrel saw, tub saw.

mire-drum British & World English

The European bittern, Botaurus stellaris. Later also (US): the American bittern, B. lentiginosus.

pot drum British & World English

A drum having an earthenware body in the form of a pot.

red drum British & World English

A bronze-coloured drum fish, Sciaenops ocellatus, found in the western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, and having a black spot or spots near the caudal fin.

bass drum British & World English

A large drum of indefinite low pitch

drum kit British & World English

A set of drums, cymbals, and other percussion instruments, used with drumsticks in jazz and popular music. The most basic components are a foot-operated bass drum, a snare drum, a suspended cymbal, and one or more tom-toms

drum pad British & World English

An electronic device with one or more flat pads which imitate the sounds of a drum kit when struck

drum roll British & World English

A rapid succession of beats sounded on a drum, often used to introduce an announcement or event

kick drum British & World English

A bass drum played using a pedal

oil drum British & World English

A metal drum used for transporting oil

side drum British & World English

A small drum in the form of a short cylinder with a membrane at each end, the upper one being struck with hard sticks and the lower one often fitted with rattling cords or wires (snares)

war drum British & World English

A drum beaten as a summons or an accompaniment to battle

drum-beater British & World English

A person who beats a drum.

drum break British & World English

A drum solo; (now also) a sampled section of a rhythm track.

drum camera British & World English

A camera in which the film is held on the surface of a rotating drum.

drum circle British & World English

A group of North American Indian drummers who sit in a circle and beat a single drum using drum beaters.

drum clock British & World English

A clock in which the mechanism is enclosed in a cylindrical case.

drum corps British & World English

A division or unit of an army who march and play drums, especially as part of ceremonial duties.

drum drying British & World English

An industrial process in which a substance to be dried or dehydrated is pumped as slurry or solid fragments over a heated revolving drum, the dried material afterwards being scraped off.

drum-headed British & World English

Having a head in the form of or resembling a drum; (figurative) empty-headed, foolish.

drum memory British & World English

A data storage device consisting of a rotating cylinder with a magnetizable outer surface on which the data can be stored; (as a mass noun) storage capacity or facilities of this type.

drum riser British & World English

An elevated platform on a stage for a drum kit and a drummer.

drum sieve British & World English

A sieve in the form of a disc of fine mesh or similar material enclosed within a cylindrical frame.

drum stave British & World English

A stave shaped so that it may form part of a drum or other cylindrical vessel.

drum stool British & World English

A drum-shaped stool.

drum-tight British & World English

Very taut or tight; compare (as) tight as a drum.

drum tower British & World English

A kind of tower, particularly associated with east and south-east Asia, housing a drum which is sounded to raise the alarm or to mark the hour of the day.

drum track British & World English

A track along which a drum-shaped object moves.

drum wheel British & World English

A rotating cylindrical component of a piece of mechanical apparatus.

drum-wound British & World English

(Of an armature) having a drum winding; (of a dynamo, motor, etc.) having an armature of this type.

frame drum British & World English

A revolving drum in a piece of machinery which consists of, or serves as a mounting for, a frame (now rare).

memory drum British & World English

Psychol. a revolving device on which items to be learned are successively presented; also in extended use.

mirror drum British & World English

A scanning device, first used in early television transmitters and receivers, consisting of a rotating drum having its curved surface covered with a number of equally spaced plane mirrors, the number of mirrors determining the number of scanning lines in the picture.

parade drum British & World English

A large drum played at a parade.

pulley drum British & World English

A pulley in the form of a drum, especially for driving a conveyor belt.

puppy drum British & World English

A young or small drum (fish); especially a young red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus.

saddle drum British & World English

A type of drum carried on a saddle.

brake drum British & World English

A broad, very short cylinder attached to a wheel, against which the brake shoes press in a drum brake

drum brake British & World English

A type of vehicle brake in which brake shoes press against the inside of a drum on the wheel

drum major British & World English

A non-commissioned officer commanding the drummers of a regimental band

steel drum British & World English

A percussion instrument originating in Trinidad, made out of an oil drum with one end beaten down and divided by grooves into sections to give different notes

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