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employment British & World English

The state of having paid work

employment English Thesaurus

Christine found employment as a clerk

employment rate British & World English

A rate levied to fund jobs created for the unemployed; compare rate (now historical and rare).

employment visa British & World English

A visa permitting a foreign national to work legally in the country of issue; a work permit.

full employment British & World English

The condition in which virtually all who are able and willing to work are employed

non-employment British & World English

The state of not having paid work

self-employment British & World English

The state of working for oneself as a freelance or the owner of a business rather than for an employer

employment agent British & World English

An individual acting as a professional intermediary between applicants for work and employers.

employment figure British & World English

(Frequently in plural) a statistic concerning the number or proportion of employed people within a population, industry, etc.

employment-related British & World English

Related to or associated with employment.

employment service British & World English

A service established (often by the state) to assist people in finding work, especially by providing training or facilitating contact between employers and those seeking employment.

public employment British & World English

Employment by the State.

employment agency British & World English

A business that finds employers or employees for those seeking them

employment office British & World English

(In the UK) a government employment agency

employment contract British & World English

A contract between an employee and an employer, setting out the employee's employment conditions, rights, responsibilities, and duties.

employment counsellor British & World English

A person who is trained or employed to give guidance on matters relating to jobs or careers.

employment protection British & World English

(As a mass noun) legal safeguards concerning the rights of employees, especially with regard to dismissal; frequently attributive; (also as a count noun) a legal safeguard of this type.

employment tribunal British & World English

A local board formed to deal with the unemployed people of an area (rare).