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fascist British & World English

An advocate or follower of the political philosophy or system of fascism

fascist English Thesaurus

he was branded a fascist and an anti-Semite

eco-fascist British & World English

Characterized by eco-fascism; of or designating an eco-fascist.

neo-fascist British & World English

A member of an organization similar to the Italian Fascist movement of the early 20th century

post-Fascist British & World English

Occurring in or relating to the period following an era of Fascist government or supremacy, especially following the fall of the Fascist governments in Italy, Germany, and Spain in the mid 20th cent.; arising or resulting from mid-20th-cent. Fascism.

fascist salute British & World English

A salute made with a raised straight arm and the hand outstretched, with the palm facing down and the fingers together, used in place of handshaking by Italian Fascists and subsequently adopted by most fascist movements.

health fascist British & World English

A person who advocates the regulation of others' behaviour (especially smoking habits) in the interest of their health, characterized as intrusively authoritarian or as infringing civil liberties.

social fascist British & World English

An advocate or adherent of a non-communist form of socialism; a social democrat.

monarcho-fascist British & World English

Especially in communist phraseology: of or designating an extreme right-wing form of government with a king as titular head of state, such as that established in Greece after the Second World War.

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