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glasses British & World English

A pair of lenses set in a frame resting on the nose and ears, used to correct or assist defective eyesight

glass British & World English

A drinking container made from glass

dark glasses British & World English

Glasses with tinted lenses, worn to protect or conceal a person’s eyes

field glasses British & World English

Binoculars for outdoor use

opera glasses British & World English

Small binoculars for use at the opera or theatre

granny glasses British & World English

Round steel-rimmed or gold-rimmed glasses

musical glasses British & World English

A graduated series of glass bowls or tubes played as a musical instrument by rubbing them with the fingers

eyeglass British & World English

A single lens for correcting or assisting defective eyesight, especially a monocle

hourglass British & World English

A timing device with two connected glass bulbs containing sand that takes an hour to pass from the upper to the lower bulb

bell glass British & World English

A bell-shaped glass cover used, especially formerly, as a cloche

pier glass British & World English

A large mirror, used originally to fill wall space between windows

sandglass British & World English

An hourglass measuring a fixed amount of time (not necessarily one hour)

shot glass British & World English

A small glass used for serving spirits

spyglass British & World English

A small telescope

wine glass British & World English

A glass with a stem and foot, used for drinking wine

cover glass British & World English

Another term for coverslip.

storm glass British & World English

A sealed tube containing a liquid, the clarity of which was thought to change when storms approach

sight glass British & World English

A transparent tube or window through which the level of liquid in a reservoir or supply line can be checked visually

watch glass British & World English

A glass disc covering the dial of a watch

water glass British & World English

A tube with a glass bottom, for observing beneath the surface of water

crystal glass in crystal British & World English

Highly transparent glass with a high refractive index

cheval glass British & World English

A tall mirror fitted at its middle to an upright frame so that it can be tilted

Claude glass British & World English

A convex dark or coloured glass that reflects a small image in subdued colours, used by landscape painters to show the tonal values of a scene

burning glass British & World English

A lens for concentrating the sun’s rays on an object so as to set fire to it

balloon glass in balloon British & World English

A large rounded drinking glass, used especially for brandy

object glass British & World English

Old-fashioned term for objective3noun3noun3noun.

safety glasses in safety glass British & World English

Toughened glasses or goggles for protecting the eyes when using power tools or industrial or laboratory equipment

Depression glass British & World English

Machine-pressed, tinted glassware that was mass-produced in the US from the late 1920s to the 1940s and often used as giveaways to persuade customers to purchase goods

magnifying glass British & World English

A lens that produces an enlarged image, typically set in a frame with a handle and used to examine small or finely detailed things such as fingerprints and fine print

Venus's looking glass British & World English

A blue-flowered plant of the bellflower family, whose shiny brown seeds inside their open capsule supposedly resemble looking glasses

glasses English Thesaurus

a pair of thick-lensed glasses

field glasses English-Spanish

gemelos, prismáticos masculine plural, binoculares masculine plural, largavistas masculine

dark glasses English-Spanish

lentes, gafas feminine plural negras Spain/España, anteojos masculine plural oscuros especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina

he wears glasses in glass English-Spanish

lleva gafas, usa lentes

we clinked glasses in clink English-Spanish

entrechocamos los vasos

a pair of glasses in pair English-Spanish

unas gafas, un par de lentes

a set of crystal glasses in glass English-Spanish

un juego de copas/vasos de cristal

do we have enough glasses? in enough English-Spanish

¿tenemos bastantes/suficientes vasos?, ¿tenemos vasos suficientes?

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