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hopefully British & World English

In a hopeful manner

hopefully New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

in a hopeful manner; disputed it is to be hoped that

hopefully English Thesaurus

he rode on hopefully

hopefully English-Spanish

the dog looked hopefully at its master

hopefully, Jim will have remembered in hopefully English-Spanish

es de esperar que Jim se haya acordado

when do you leave? — hopefully, on Friday in hopefully English-Spanish

¿cuándo te vas? — el viernes, espero

methods which, hopefully, will speed up production in hopefully English-Spanish

métodos que, se espera, aceleren la producción

the dog looked hopefully at its master in hopefully English-Spanish

el perro miró expectante a su dueño

can you pay me in dollars? she asked hopefully in hopefully English-Spanish

—¿puedes pagarme en dólares? —preguntó esperanzada