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latent British & World English

(Of a quality or state) existing but not yet developed or manifest; hidden or concealed

latent English Thesaurus

they have a huge reserve of latent talent

latent root British & World English

A quantity which, when subtracted from each entry in the diagonal of a square matrix, makes the determinant of the resulting matrix equal to zero.

latent heat British & World English

The heat required to convert a solid into a liquid or vapour, or a liquid into a vapour, without change of temperature

latent print British & World English

A latent impression; especially = latent fingerprint.

latent virus British & World English

(Originally) any morbid matter or morbific agent that is difficult to detect; (in later use) specifically any virus that infects a plant or animal without causing apparent disease.

latent image British & World English

An image on an exposed film or print that has not yet been made visible by developing

latent period British & World English

The period between infection with a virus or other microorganism and the onset of symptoms, or between exposure to radiation and the appearance of a cancer

latent function British & World English

An unintended consequence of social actions, structures, etc., which is not recognized by the participants.

latent learning British & World English

(Especially with reference to animals) learning that is unintentional and unmotivated or that occurs without any apparent reinforcement.

latent ambiguity British & World English

An ambiguity in a document which only becomes apparent in the light of knowledge gained from extrinsic evidence.

latent fingerprint British & World English

A fingerprint which is invisible or barely visible to the naked eye; = B.

latent homosexuality British & World English

Sexual attraction towards members of one's own sex which is repressed, or that is manifested indirectly.