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mediate British & World English

Intervene in a dispute in order to bring about an agreement or reconciliation

mediate English Thesaurus

Austria tried to mediate between the belligerents

mediate cause British & World English

A cause which operates not directly but by means of an intermediate agency; a cause which underlies or gives rise to other (more apparent) causes.

mediate inference British & World English

Inference based on more than one premise and therefore involving a middle term; an instance of this.

mediate knowledge British & World English

Knowledge which is not the direct result of intuition or perception, but is obtained by means of inference or testimony.

mediate percussion British & World English

Percussion performed upon a solid object (originally a pleximeter, now usually a finger of the physician's other hand) placed against the body.

mediate auscultation British & World English

Auscultation performed with a stethoscope (as opposed to direct application of the physician's ear to the body).