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medical British & World English

Relating to the science or practice of medicine

non-medical British & World English

Not having a medical basis or objective

major medical British & World English

Insurance designed to cover medical expenses due to severe or prolonged illness by paying all or most of the bills above a set amount

medical officer British & World English

A doctor in charge of the health services of a civilian or military authority or other organization

medical tourism British & World English

Another term for health tourism.

medical examiner British & World English

An official whose duty is to investigate deaths occurring under unusual or suspicious circumstances, perform post-mortems, and initiate inquests

medical certificate British & World English

A certificate from a doctor confirming the state of someone’s health

medical examination British & World English

An examination to determine someone’s physical health

medical jurisprudence British & World English

The branch of law relating to medicine

visiting medical officer British & World English

A doctor who is contracted to provide specialist services in a public hospital

emergency medical technician British & World English

A person who is specially trained and certified to administer basic emergency services to victims of trauma or acute illness before and during transportation to a hospital or other healthcare facility

aeromedical British & World English

Relating to the use of aircraft for medical purposes such as transporting patients to hospital

paramedical British & World English

Relating to services and professions which supplement and support medical work but do not require a fully qualified doctor (such as nursing, radiography, emergency first aid, physiotherapy, and dietetics)

premedical British & World English

Relating to or engaged in study in preparation for medical school