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monkey British & World English

A small to medium-sized primate that typically has a long tail, most kinds of which live in trees in tropical countries

monkey about/around in monkey British & World English

Behave in a silly or playful way

monkey English Thesaurus

where have you been, you little monkey!

blue monkey British & World English

An Old World monkey, Cercopithecus mitis, of forests in Central and East Africa, which has long fur of a greyish colour.

monkey band British & World English

= monkey orchestra.

monkey bike British & World English

A small, highly manoeuvrable and robust motorcycle designed for use over rough terrain, especially in motocross racing.

monkey-bird British & World English

A bird likened to a monkey in some way, especially in respect of its call; (formerly) (South African) the red-billed or green wood-hoopoe, Phoeniculus purpureus (also called kakelaar).

monkey boat British & World English

Any of various kinds of small boat used as a tender, tow-boat, etc., especially in a port.

monkey boot British & World English

A type of sturdy leather ankle-boot having a moulded rubber sole with a heavy tread.

monkey-cup British & World English

A pitcher plant of the chiefly Asian genus Nepenthes (family Nepenthaceae).

monkey-face British & World English

A face like that of a monkey; an amusing or funny face.

monkey-like British & World English

Resembling a monkey in appearance or behaviour.

monkey-man British & World English

Chiefly derogatory. A man likened to or supposed to resemble a monkey in some respect; (US slang, chiefly in African-American usage) a weak or gullible man, especially one subservient to his wife or lover, or to women generally.

monkey musk British & World English

The yellow monkey flower of Chile, Mimulus luteus, with yellow, red-spotted flowers, which is widely cultivated and sometimes naturalized elsewhere; also called blood-drop-emlets.

monkey-pod British & World English

The rain tree or saman, Albizia saman (also monkey-pod tree); the wood of this tree.

monkey pole British & World English

A horizontal bar suspended above a bed, which a patient may grasp to aid mobility.

monkey-pot British & World English

The lidded woody capsule of any of several trees of the genus Lecythis (family Lecythidaceae), of tropical South America, which is used to trap monkeys; (more fully monkey-pot tree) a tree of the genus Lecythis or the family Lecythidaceae.

monkey rum British & World English

A spirit distilled from sorghum or sugar-cane syrup; (also Caribbean) home-brewed rum.

monkey show British & World English

A show or form of entertainment (such as a circus or fair) featuring monkeys or apes (sometimes figurative as the type of something either farcical or highly entertaining).

monkey tail British & World English

Nautical. A rope or lanyard attached to the end of a lever. Now rare.

monkey vine British & World English

A tropical morning glory, Ipomoea nil.

monkey work British & World English

= monkey business.

pile monkey British & World English

The moving weight in a piledriver.

red monkey British & World English

The patas monkey, Erythrocebus patas.

road monkey British & World English

A person who repairs logging roads.

code monkey British & World English

A computer programmer, especially an inexperienced or unskillful one

leaf monkey British & World English

A leaf-eating arboreal Asian monkey that is related to the langurs

mona monkey British & World English

A West African guenon that has a bluish-grey face with a pink muzzle. The female has a distinctive moaning call

monkey bars British & World English

A piece of playground equipment consisting of a horizontally mounted overhead ladder, from which children may swing

monkey bear British & World English

Another term for koala.

monkey suit British & World English

A man’s evening dress or formal suit

owl monkey British & World English

Another term for douroucouli.

egret monkey British & World English

A kind of monkey, apparently the female of certain macaques.

monkey apple British & World English

Any of various tropical trees and shrubs bearing fruit which resembles an apple or is regarded as fit (only) for monkeys; especially Annona glabra (family Annonaceae), of tropical America and West Africa, and Anisophyllea laurina (family Anisophyllaceae), of West Africa.

monkey block British & World English

A kind of block used in the rigging of sailing vessels.

monkey bread British & World English

The baobab tree or its fruit

monkey chain British & World English

A chain used to secure the topgallant and royal backstays of a sailing vessel.

monkey chaser British & World English

US slang (offensive), a black person from the Caribbean or other tropical region.

monkey dance British & World English

Any of various tribal or folk dances involving imitation of monkeys, specifically the Balinese kecak dance, in which seated singers play the part of monkey soldiers.

monkey-doodle British & World English

Foolish, meddling, mischievous.

monkey drill British & World English

Physical exercise training, especially repetitive callisthenics.

monkey-faced British & World English

Having a face like that of a monkey.

monkey fiddle British & World English

Caribbean any of several shrubs of the tropical American genus Pedilanthus (family Euphorbiaceae), especially P. tithymaloides and P. bahamensis, the twigs of which produce a distinctive squeak when rubbed together.

monkey gland British & World English

A testicle from a monkey or ape used as a possible means of rejuvenation, either by being grafted on to a man, or by the injection of an extract. Frequently in plural Also attributive (allusively).

monkey guava British & World English

The West African ebony Diospysos mespiliformis.

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