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nominal British & World English

(Of a role or status) existing in name only

nominal English Thesaurus

the government would be led by a prime minister, along with a president as nominal head of state

nominal genus British & World English

A genus as denoted by an available name.

nominal taxon British & World English

(The concept of) a taxon as formally denoted by a name which is available according to the rules of nomenclature, for which a corresponding type is or may be assigned, and which a taxonomist may either recognize as valid or place in synonymy with another.

post-nominal British & World English

Situated or placed after a noun, or written (as the letters of a qualification, decoration, etc.) after a person's name.

nominal value British & World English

The value that is stated on a coin or note; face value

nominal species British & World English

A species as denoted by an available name.

nominal account British & World English

An account recording the financial transactions of a business in a particular category, rather than with a person or other organization

nominal damages British & World English

A small sum of money awarded as damages to someone who has suffered a legal wrong but no actual financial loss

nominal ledger British & World English

A ledger containing nominal accounts, or one containing both nominal and real accounts

nominal relative British & World English

A relative pronoun, determiner, or adverb that introduces a nominal relative clause.

nominal definition British & World English

A definition that describes something in terms of its properties, in order to distinguish it from other things, but without describing its underlying structure or ‘essence’

nominal relative clause British & World English

A nominal clause introduced by a relative word, but containing the antecedent of the relative within itself, and functioning in a way similar to a noun phrase.