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optical British & World English

Relating to sight, especially in relation to the action of light

optical art British & World English

Another term for op art.

optical disc British & World English

A disc (such as a CD-ROM) on which data is stored or recorded using light, providing increased durability and capacity compared with a magnetic disk.

optical drive British & World English

A disk drive that uses optical rather than magnetic methods to read and write data.

optical flat British & World English

A block or lamina (usually of glass) with one or more surfaces made accurately plane and smooth, any unevenness or departure from a perfect plane being small compared with the wavelength of light.

optical model British & World English

A model of the atomic nucleus in which it is treated as having a potential well with an additional negative imaginary component, so that its behaviour with respect to incident particles is somewhat analogous to that of a partially absorbing body with respect to incident light waves.

optical mouse British & World English

A mouse which uses light sensors rather than motion to track its position.

optical sound British & World English

Recorded sound represented by a pattern of light and dark alongside the frames of a film.

optical trap British & World English

A device for trapping any stray or unwanted light in a piece of equipment.

quasi-optical British & World English

Analogous to or resembling something optical; especially of or relating to electromagnetic waves with frequencies near those of visible light.

optical axis British & World English

A line passing through the centre of curvature of a lens or spherical mirror and parallel to the axis of symmetry

optical bench British & World English

A straight rigid bar, typically marked with a scale, to which supports for lenses, light sources, and other optical components can be attached

optical fibre British & World English

A thin flexible fibre with a glass core through which light signals can be sent with very little loss of strength

optical glass British & World English

A very pure kind of glass used for lenses

optical path British & World English

The distance which in a vacuum would contain the same number of wavelengths as the actual path taken by a ray of light

acousto-optical British & World English

Relating to or involving the interaction of sound and light, especially the modulation or diffraction of laser beams by sound waves.

optical cavity British & World English

A volume delimited with reflective boundaries within which electromagnetic radiation undergoes repeated internal reflection; especially one designed to give constructive interference for a particular frequency of radiation, as in a laser.

optical centre British & World English

The point on the optical axis of a lens where all rays passing through it remain unrefracted.

optical dating British & World English

A technique for determining the time since a mineral sediment was last exposed to sunlight, in which electrons trapped at light-sensitive locations within the mineral are excited using an intense light source, and the resulting luminescence is measured.

optical lattice British & World English

A periodic array of potential wells created by the interference of laser beams.

optical length British & World English

The distance which in a vacuum would contain the same number of wavelengths as the actual path followed by a ray of light, equal to the product of the actual path-length and the refractive index of the medium if the latter is homogeneous.

optical printer British & World English

A printer in which film frames are projected one at a time through an optical system and photographed, used chiefly for producing special effects.

optical pumping British & World English

The production of an inversion in the population of certain energy levels in the atoms of a gas by the absorption of optical (visible) resonance radiation of suitable polarization.

optical square British & World English

An instrument used to establish lines of sight at right angles to each other by using light bent through a right angle by mirrors or a prism.

optical switch British & World English

A device that can be made to deflect, interrupt, or modify an incident beam of light when required, as by varying the optical transmission properties of a material by means of an applied electric or magnetic field.

psycho-optical British & World English

Designating or involving involuntary eye movements occurring during visual activity.

magneto-optical British & World English

Relating to or employing both optical and magnetic phenomena or technology

optical density British & World English

The degree to which a refractive medium retards transmitted rays of light

optical double British & World English

A group of two stars which appear to constitute a double star due to their being in the same line of sight as seen from the earth, but are actually at different distances

optical isomer British & World English

Each of two or more forms of a compound which have the same structure but are mirror images of each other and typically differ in optical activity

optical scanner British & World English

A device which performs optical character recognition and produces coded signals corresponding to the characters identified

electron-optical British & World English

Of or relating to electron optics; employing or involving electron optics.

optical amplifier British & World English

A device that amplifies an optical beam or signal; especially one that amplifies an optical signal without converting it to an electronic signal at any stage.

optical comparator British & World English

Any of various instruments for facilitating the visual comparison of two objects or images; especially one that projects shadows or transparencies of them on to a screen.

optical molasses British & World English

A field of strong laser light that exerts a damping force on the motion of free atoms in it, thereby cooling them to a very low temperature.

optical pyrometer British & World English

A device for measuring the temperature of an incandescent body by comparing its brightness with that of a heated filament in the instrument.

optical scanning British & World English

Scanning in which the light reflected or transmitted by the area scanned is detected, especially as used in optical character recognition.

optical transistor British & World English

Any of various optical devices whose function can be considered analogous to that of a transistor; especially one that modulates the amplitude of a light beam in response to the variation of a second (weaker) input light signal.

optical turnstile British & World English

An access control system without barriers in which those attempting to enter are evaluated by closed-circuit television or other visual means

optical tweezers British & World English

A device that uses light from a low-wattage laser to manipulate individual molecules within cells

optical activity British & World English

The property (displayed by solutions of some compounds, notably many sugars) of rotating the plane of polarization of plane-polarized light

optical brightener British & World English

A fluorescent substance added to detergents in order to produce a whitening effect on laundry

optical illusion British & World English

Something that deceives the eye by appearing to be other than it is

optical microscope British & World English

A microscope using visible light, typically viewed directly by the eye

optical rotation British & World English

The rotation of the plane of polarization of plane-polarized light by an optically active substance

optical bistability British & World English

The property an optical device or medium of exhibiting two different stable states, characterized by high and low optical transmissivity respectively, for a particular range of incident light intensities.

optical character reader British & World English

A device used for optical character recognition.

optical rotatory dispersion British & World English

The variation of the optical activity of a substance with the wavelength of the light concerned.

optical character recognition British & World English

The identification of printed characters using photoelectric devices and computer software

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